A Rare Abnormality in Flower of Orobanche aegyptiaca - A New Report

  • Gulwaiz Akhter
  • Tabreiz Ahmad Khan Aiman Zafar


A survey of agricultural fields of Banda district of Uttar Pradesh India was carried out in March 2016. During the survey, authors observed the floral morphology of Orobanche aegyptiaca and found abnormalities in the flowers such as double pistil and eight stamens instead of single pistil and four stamens. Moreover, the normal flowers showed 86.25% viable pollen grains, whereas, the abnormal flowers showed 33.34% pollen viability. To the best of our knowledge, no report so far of abnormalities is found in flowers of O. aegyptiaca. This study is the first report of abnormality in flower of O. aegyptiaca in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh India.