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ISSN: 1815-1094 (Print)  2225-7942 (Online)   DOI : 10.28941/pjwsr

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25th Asia Pacific Weed Science Society Conference at Hyderabad, India


Dr.N.T. Yaduraju who is the President of the Asia Pacific Weed Science Society and also the President of the Indian Society of Weed Science has announced the holding of the 25th APWSS conference at Hyderabad, India from 13-16 October, 2015. He has invited the relevant Pakistani Scientists to participate in this conference. He encourages the involvement of as many people as possible from the Asia Pacific region to participate in this very important conference, and has requested to give this event a wide publicity through announcement in our websites, newsletters and other means. In this connection, Prof. Dr. Khan BahadarMarwat (President Weed Science Society of Pakistan - WSSP) has invited all the members of the WSSP in particular and all relevant scientists from Pakistan in general to contact the said APWSS president via his email nyaduraju@gmail.comto confirm their participation, as he intends to extend his personal invitation to them. Moreover, if anybody has got any specific suggestion with respect to the sessions, speakers etc., please feel free to write to him. 

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Prof. Dr. Gul Hassan
The University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan
Phone: +92 91 2233454 Mobile: +92 0300 87909876
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