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ISSN: 1815-1094 (Print)  2225-7942 (Online)   DOI : 10.28941/pjwsr

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Paper ID PJWSR-2018-45
AuthorsMuhammad Shafi , Zulfiqar Khan, Muhammad Owais Khan , Haseeb Ahmad, Jehan Bakht , and Shazma Anwar

An experiment entitled “Enhancing wheat yield through integrated nitrogen and weeds management practices was carried out at Agronomy Research Farms, The University of Agriculture Peshawar during 2015-16. The experiment was conducted in randomized complete block design with split plot arrangement. The treatments of nitrogen application (organic material alone (FYM), inorganic material alone (urea) and combination of 50% organic + 50% inorganic material) were allocated to main plots. The treatments of weeds management practices (i.e. control, hand weeding (30 days after sowing), pre-emergence herbicide application (Affinity), herbicide application (Affinity) 20 days after sowing, herbicide application (Affinity) 40 days after sowing and herbicide application (Affinity) 60 days after sowing were assigned to sub plots. The results indicated that integrated nitrogen application (50% FYM + 50% urea)  has delayed number of days to anthesis (123 days) and maturity (150 days) in wheat crop and showed maximum plant height (87.58 cm), grains spike-1(50 grains), thousand grains weight (39.24 g), grain yield (3146 kg ha-1) and harvest index (38.05%). The treatment of integrated nitrogen application (50% FYM + 50% urea) showed significantly lowest weeds density (32 weeds m-2) and minimum weeds dry weight (4.36 g m-2). Application of herbicide (Affinity) 20 days after sowing has produced lowest weeds m-2 (11 weeds m-2), weeds dry weight (1.09 g m-2) highest grains spike-1 (53), 1000-grains weight (42.27 g), grain yield (3738 kg ha-1) and harvest index (39.24%). It is concluded that application of 130 kg ha-1 as integrated nitrogen (50% FYM + 50% urea) along with herbicide application (Affinity) 20 days after emergence has significantly improved yield and yield components of wheat.

Pages 187-201
Volume 24
Issue 3
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