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ISSN: 1815-1094 (Print)  2225-7942 (Online)   DOI : 10.28941/pjwsr

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Paper ID PJWSR-2017-512
Title Wheat phenology and density and fresh and dry weight of weeds as affected by potassium sources levels and tillage practices
AuthorsMushtaq Ahmad Khan, Abdul Basir, Muhammad Adnan, Abdul Sattar Shah, Muhammad Noor, Abid Khan, Jawad Ali Shah1,Zohaib Ali and Abdur Rahman
Abstract An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of potassium sources, levels and tillage practice on wheat phenology, weeds density, fresh and dry weight at New Developmental Farm, The University of Agriculture Peshawar during Rabi 2012. Randomized Complete Block (RCB) design with split plot arrangement having three replications was used. Tillage practices (chisel plough, mould board plough and rotavator) were allotted to main plots while K sources (Sulphate of Potash-SOP and Muriate of Potash-MOP) with levels (30, 60, 90, and 120 kg ha-1) were applied to sub plots. Among different tillage systems, rotavator has significantly increased weed density (54 weeds m-2), weeds fresh weight (98 gm-2) and dry weight (65 gm-2) as compared to mould board and chisel plough. SOP has significantly delayed anthesis(138 days), grain fill duration (29 days) and physiological maturity (167 days) were taken by subplots which received K in the form of sulphate of potash (SOP). While in case of potassium levels maximum days to anthesis (140), grain fill duration (29) and physiological maturity (168) were counted for K applied at the rate of 120 kg ha-1. Control plot had resulted minimum values for all aforesaid parameters. It is concluded from the experiment that rotavatorhad increased weeds density, fresh and dry weight. However, on the other hand chisel plough had significantly reduced weed density, fresh and dry weight. It is therefore, chisel plough and SOP at the rate of 60 kg ha-1 is recommended to control weeds and delay wheat phenology.
Pages 451-462
Volume 23
Issue 4
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