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The potential yield of crop varieties will remain a mere illusion, unless and until proper weed management package is adapted. As all these varieties had been evolved under optimum weed management conditions, the weedy conditions of the farmers are not conducive for their yield. Under such circumstances, farmers own varieties or land races are better yielder and competitors as compared to the modern improved cultivars. Weeds inflict 20-30% losses in different crops on the average. On national level total monitory losses due to weeds well exceed beyond 120 billion, whereas wheat alone account for more than 30 billions. Losses in different crops is depicted in the following figure.dvm

The department of Weed Science in the University of Agriculture Peshawar is serving as the Headquarter for Weed Science Society of Pakistan (WSSP) and publishing Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research (PJWSR) on quarterly basis. The journal is currently kept in Y-category by Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan and hopefully it will be improved to X-category soon. Moreover, the journal is a candidate for impact factor as well. Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadar Marwat and Prof. Dr. Gul Hassan were the founders of the society and the department. The financial support for publication of the journal is mostly done by HEC and PSF Pakistan, though the society itself generates revenue through publication charges and membership fees. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Associate Professor, is currently serving as the Chairman of the department of Weed Science. Since its inception in 2000, the department has made a number of great achievements. By the year 2016, the department has produced 15 PhDs. Every faculty member of the department is now a PhD doctor; some of them got PhD degrees from Australia, Japan and Pakistan. The senior faculty has done post-doctorate from Canada, Japan, China, and UAE. The teaching faculty of the department in the last 15 years has collectively published more than 100 articles in well reputed HEC recognized impact factor/non impact factor worldwide journals including Weed Science, Weed Technology, Weed Research, Weed Biology and Management etc. Moreover, they have achieved more than a dozen research projects from various federal funding agencies like Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) etc. A number of important lab equipments like growth chambers, chlorophyll meter, leaf area meters, etc. required for experimental purpose are available in the laboratories of the department.

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